Neom 5.0 Mustaqbal (first sci-fi story based in Saudi Arabia & published on Amazon)

Omar Benhamadi put the processor in his briefcase. He had to deliver his client at 9 o'clock. The commute between his hotel and the Saudi city of Neom would not last more than twenty minutes. But, he was in a hurry to deliver what he owed to his clients.
He got out of his room and went down to join his three collaborators who were already waiting for him in the lobby of the magnificent Talaat Moustafa Resort in Taba.
Omar thought it was an important day for Condor. It took decades of persevering effort to find a place in the field of telecom. In the beginning, at the time of Abderrahmane, the company, based in Bordj Bou Arréridj in Algeria, merely assembled parts from China. Then it had gradually developed its own models, eventually making a respected place in the world of New Technologies of Information and Communication.
Algeria had become a great technological nation since the liberation of the country, at the time of the second hijra, called "peaceful." Education, c…