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Kim has been trapped

We are coming to the end of the process of a head of state psychological conditioning. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has been under pressure since the beginning of his reign, in December 2011. Isolated internationally, isolated in his palace, waiting for the next attack that will kill him, he slipped gradually from openness to paranoid dementia and autarkic withdrawal. His pathological anguish, fueled by American pressures and threats, betrayed by a huge weight gain in a few years, pushed him first to execute several members of his entourage and, above all, to make major strategic mistakes. Clearly, he has been pushed to the fault.

North Korea fired a Hwasong-15 missile Tuesday November 28th, which sank a thousand kilometers further offshore off Japan. Kim Jong-Un welcomed the success as a "state nuclear force". The US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, spoke of a "choice that brings war" ... This war is the one sought by Washington.
North Korea is …
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The necessary mutation of the armies in the 21st century

Here is a summary of a presentation on the adaptation of armies in the 21st century. THE CONTEXT: I take as a starting point that the people who inhabit the territories of the Western world have evolved from their ethnic, geographical and cultural origins, as well as their civic spirit, their understanding/acceptance of a collective goal, etc.
I can see that Western countries, most of them secondary political powers, can once again become plausible moral entities by a strong and disinterested gesture. Taking into account also the economic imperatives to come and the political will to invest in the security forces, I propose the rehabilitation of the ideal, analyzed as the best tool for the good of nations. THE GOAL : The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the need for a courageous transformation of our army towards neutrality, and the limitation of the engagement of our armed forces to strictly humanitarian missions, in order to make a useful contribution to national cohesion an…

Romanovs murder, Russians didn't forget

On 27 August 2010, the Presidium of the Supreme Court of Russia reopened the investigation on the murder of the Tsar and his family. The declassification of the Soviet archives on the murder of the Romanovs, in particular the report of Judge Sokolov in 1919, made it possible to learn the truth about the massacre of the Imperial family.

The Tsar, his wife, the Crown Prince and his four sisters were detained as prisoners in Yekaterinburg, in the Ural Mountains, until their assassination on the night of July 16-17, 1918. The Imperial Family Detention Officer Was Lenin's personal security assistant, agent Shaia Isaevitch Golostchekin, who had arrived from Germany in the same wagon. Agent Vladimir Ulyanov, said Lenin, had been sent to Russia to organize chaos and force Russia to ask for peace. Germany, freed of Russia, could thus return all her forces to the western front, defeat France, UK and Americans and then return to Russia to reestablish a regime at her convenience.

But Nicholas…

Russian empire is back

Russia does not turn the page of the empire. After the traps set by Washington, in the chaos that accompanied the end of the Soviet era, the country returns to the international scene to reaffirm its ambition as a great power. Those who run the country, Mr. Putin is only the spokesperson, know the history of their country and of Europe. They are determined to put Russia back on the rails of the empire and rule with authority. It seems that the 142 million Russians were just waiting for that.
Vladimir Putin's economic strategy has been to reclaim the vast natural resources of the country, especially oil and gas, to help Russia overcome the economic collapse of 1998. 2014 Oil prices fall, (Opportunely for its international opponents) put an end to the meteoric prosperity of Russia. However, Gazprom, the national company, still supplies a large part of the gas needs of Europe and Asia.
Vladimir Putin, since his election to the presidency of the Russian Federation in 2000, imposed his c…

Will Angola survive the civil war?

27 years of civil war, murders and rapes can not be erased in one day. Long after the Portuguese had fled, Angolans fought for control of the country, for almost another thirty years, preventing the population (more than 24 million inhabitants in 2014) of this country, rich in oil and diamonds , to enjoy again democratic peace. The country is now in the claws of an old "liberator", and his clan ...

Angola's oil wealth is concentrated in a landlocked province, Cabinda, outside Angola territory ! That is why the government of Luanda regularly sends troops to keep it Angolan. No matter if Cabinda, an enclave inside the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has no border with Angola, Luanda imposes its rule, even if it was needed to exterminate all the locals.

The Angolan president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, is a leader of the MPLA, a "liberator" of the country. He has clung to power since 1979, he's the second oldest head of state on the black continent. In a wa…

Germany, the amnesic giant

Germans are disciplined, forever disciplined. They followed the dementia of Nazism to the end, they now follow flower power lullabies until the end. In 1945, the German army was defeated. Hitler was said to have committed suicide in his bunker, the Nuremberg trials showed the execution of the National Socialist regime main dignitaries. The civilians had just undergone terrifying bombardments, foreign troops marching on their boulevards. Terrorised, traumatized, Germans were in shock. They were ready to be "reprogrammed" by the United States on one side, by the Soviets on the other. The goal of Moscow and Washington was to drown Germany forever. Today, despite its accomplishments, Germany is struggling to assume its leadership.

Americans created the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) on 23 May 1949, with Bonn as its capital; Soviets responded by proclaiming the German Democratic Republic (GDR) on October 7, 1949, with East Berlin as its capital. Red Army soldiers inva…

Saudi Arabia, a prototype of Daech

 Saudi Arabia recent fate seems to be limited to oil. Oil only has made of this burnt place one of the richest nations in the world. Westerners came to extract the black gold that made billionaires of the tribal chiefs and its inhabitants wealthy annuitants. But, at a political level, nothing changed. The princes in power have one goal: to last, at any price.

Saudi leaders had all the cards in their hands for decades. They did what they wanted, the population remained ignorant, under the weight of old traditions. Consanguineous marriage, for example, remains widespread. 35% of marriages are between cousins, one of the highest rates in the world, with  according pathologies... The population gradually opens onto the world, despite the weight of prohibitions. The Bedouin princes resist any attempt of democratic openness. But this game is dangerous, especially since they are now fighting against the same jihadist terrorism that they supported, financed, until the 90s. Today, the target o…